The project involved delivering environmental and landscape mitigation for the new natural gas compression and storage facility at Bordolano in the Province of Cremona. The overall surface area of the intervention is around 80,000m² spread along the perimeter of the facility grounds, in an area historically given over to farming near the River Oglio; the project represents an innovative way to understand concepts of landscape protection and environmental mitigation which, superseding the tendency to camouflage and hide technological components, recognizes the value of the plant's function and its strategic importance in defining a new contemporary landscape. The scheme to define the project was developed through three distinct proposals inspired by the landscape's deeper elements: Gèa, the time of the earth, referring to the mineral characteristics of the subsoil, Hudor, the time of water, inspired by the nearby river, and Epokh’i, the time of life, referring to the local farming/rural vocation; these references influence both the landscaping project and the architectural design of various key elements of the facility.

The landscape design of the solution chosen is characterized by curvilinear routes that cross densely vegetated areas and open up views of the landscape or the plant, and by slopes that echo a land gradually sculpted and modelled by the waters to create a serviceable park with the goal of differentiating spaces and viewpoints according to the various types of user: pedestrian routes, cycle paths, sports facilities, as well as specific itineraries of educational, cultural, botanical and naturalistic value, accompanied by suitable information boards.

To round off the landscape harmonization, executive design of those elements most characterizing the perception of the plant was developed: a soundproofing wall along the northern front, featuring vertical finishing elements that are parallel but with a variable curvilinear profile, the elements roofing the entrance area and the car parks, as well as the cladding of the turbo-compressor buildings using metal and transparent elements.

Project details

Bordolano (CR)
Saipem S.p.a.
2011 – In corso
4.350.000 euro