Winning preliminary project developed for a tender for the design, realization and management of the functional redevelopment of the motorway and the making safe of the R.A.0.8 Spur Route from Ferrara as far as the S.S. n° 309 at Porto Garibaldi, for a stretch measuring 49km.

Overall, the spur route includes six service station interchanges, two service areas and a toll barrier – “Comacchio” – at the junction with the future E55 Orte-Mestre motorway and the interchanges of Comacchio-Lagosanto and Porto Garibaldi on the S.S. 309 “Romea”, subject to redevelopment by transforming the linear intersections into roundabouts.

Particular care was taken over the design of the environmental mitigation works, soil bioengineering and land assessment in areas recognized as fragile such as the Vallette di Ostellato nature reserve and the Cona Hospital.

Specific investigations were also made into the various environmental mitigation interventions, revitalization, reduction in emissions and landscape harmonization of the building works and minor structures. The salient characteristics of the landscape and the area as a whole were identified as it was gradually crossed, including the main morphology, materials and colours. The results of these analyses later informed the design choices to harmonize the various structures in order to recreate an ideal dialogue with the context, which alternates (from the point of view of the dynamic perception of motorway users), points of permeability and views open to elements that can evoke the landscape through colours, forms and textures.

The activities also included a preliminary environmental study for the project, plus impact assessments in three specific contexts of those crossed.

Project details

Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi (FE)
R.T.I. Società Autostradale del Brennero A22 (Mandataria)