The functional level of the extensive A24 and A25 motorway area is expressly recognized within the context of the “Global Network”, while at a national level, it is arranged as a strategic pivotal motorway system for mobility links that predominantly act on the east-west directrix of the country's central corridor. Mitigatory and compensatory interventions that define the general adaptation and improvement strategy in the plans and elevations of the Park Roadcan thus become an opportunity to develop design strategies aimed at the promotion and enhancement of landscape, tourist, cultural, economic and social aspects of the areas being crossed. The first reference at a methodological level to define the mitigative strategies of agri-environmental compensation is the new landscape concept, which entails a contemporary and multidisciplinary vision, capable of surpassing the twentieth-century conception linked to the physical and perceptible characteristics of a place that has been more or less altered by the actions of men, in favour of a more complex and refined interpretation: the landscape as an expression of a profound synthesis of the active interaction of various environmental, cultural, perceptive, emotional and social components.

A synthesis of the overall framework of requirements, given by a twofold integration between territory and users, which led to the definition of strategies of mitigation, compensation and territorial promotion that have been split into three macro themes:

A) mitigation and compensation strategies with naturalistic and landscape harmonization objectives;

B) mitigation strategies aimed at protection and the offsetting of energy consumption by means of renewable energy sources;

C) strategies to promote and valorize the territory in question.

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