The project includes a set of interventions for the functional and architectural redevelopment of the Civil and Penal Law Courts of Rovereto. These include: completion of the attic and the wing on Via Prati following the layout of the original project; the partial closure, in the central portion of the attic, of a utility room using a wall of pre-painted aluminium and glass; restructuring of the rooms on the first and mezzanine floors; the realization, on the Via Prati side, of a ramp for a future garage, with the inclusion of technical rooms for a medium/low voltage transformer and sets of refrigerators and generators; modernization of all existing systems – electrical, telephone, plumbing; renovation of the roofs of the main building on Corso Rosmini and the side streets of Via Sighele and Prati, as well as a complete refacing of the roofing of the main building's interior overlooking the internal courtyards of the Law Courts and the District Prison; the realization of a basement for archives. 


The new archive, featuring a rectangular plan, measures around 28.00m in length by 12.90m in width; the height from the floor to the dropped ceiling of the covering floor slab is 2.80m. The archive's usable surface area is 362.20m² while the overall volume is around 1,014m³; the creation of a link with the existing basement archive by creating an opening in the Law Courts' wall and the making of an internal underground passageway by extending an existing corridor and shoring portions of the wall delimiting the new corridor; redevelopment of the internal and external façades of the entire building as well as comprehensive repair of its external areas. The environmental/landscape redevelopment took place at different levels. Along with a modest area where it proved necessary to intervene with a new plant for the project's functional requirements, was a project to restore all of the building's green areas.

Project details

Rovereto (TN)
Ministero delle Infrastrutture Provveditorato Interregionale OO.PP. Veneto-Trentino Alto Adige-Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sede coordinata di Trento.
2007 – 2010
6.152.729 euro