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Integrated design

Our integrated design starts from the principle that a project must be a complex synthesis of different skills and approaches to offer effective solutions for socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development.

Architecture and engineering

The structural and architectural design of civil, industrial, specialised and healthcare buildings is based on the ethical need to consider the contributions of new materials and environmentally friendly technologies, energy saving and the reduction of non-renewable resources in all phases of the building life cycle.

Architectural and interior design

Integrated projects and project management of civil, industrial and specialised buildings, welfare, health and hospital buildings and architectural restoration. Design of environmentally sustainable building systems, integrated interior design projects applying the principles of environmental psychology


Civil and structural design

Integrated design and supervision of works in reinforced concrete and metal carpentry, bridges and viaducts, hydraulic works and artefacts, and structural restoration.

Infrastructure and systems for mobility

We design infrastructures like roads, motorways, railways and metros using an approach based on in-depth analyses of mobility and transport. Our interventions result from an integrated, multidisciplinary process that aims to maximise the environmental sustainability of the infrastructure while protecting the environment and landscape.

Design of infrastructures and mobility systems

Integrated design and construction supervision of road, motorway, rail, metro and hydraulic infrastructures.

Specialist studies on mobility and parking

Monitoring of mobility and parking characteristics in the field of private motor transport. Mobility studies through the application of wide area and micro-simulation models.

Environment and landscape

The contribution of specialised expertise ensures assessments, studies and monitoring of the environment and its constituent elements, as well as the design of works to mitigate environmental impacts and rehabilitate the landscape. Furthermore, we promote an ethical and integrated approach to managing environment-related activities in our work.

Environmental projects and studies

Environmental impact studies, impact assessments, landscape reports, environmental monitoring projects and their execution, specialised studies in the environmental field for biotic matrices, anthropic components and physical matrices. Integrated environmental mitigation and integration projects. Natural engineering and environmental compensation works for natural components and the rural agricultural system.

Landscape design

Integrated projects in landscape architecture and landscape design, landscape harmonisation and redevelopment.

Territory and planning

Working in spatial and urban planning means considering the need to favour a careful transformation of the territory to express local potential with a view to integral sustainability to protect and enhance the natural, historical and socio-cultural environment.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Conducting SEA and its regional declination (Valsat, Integrated Assessment) alongside the planning process or as support for the process developed by third parties.

Urban planning instruments

Integrated design and drafting of territorial and urban planning instruments such as implementation and sector plans; urban planning consultancy for territorial bodies.

European certifications

Policreo S.r.l.’s Integrated Management System complies with the requirements of the standards issued by TÜV Italia S.r.l., TÜV Sud Group

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, certificate n. 50 100 3605 - Rev. 006

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, certificate n. 50 100 15928 - Rev. 001

UNI ISO 45001:2018, certificate n. 50 100 15927 - Rev. 001


Policreo adheres to several technical-scientific associations and related working groups to contribute to the cultural, technical and specialised development of planning practices and directions by exchanging and sharing with the adhering professional realities of multiple disciplines and productive sectors. In addition, these associations are distinguished by their role in disseminating knowledge, good practices and awareness of the social, cultural and economic role of planning and managing territories.

Associazione Infrastrutture sostenibili (A.I.S.)

A technical-scientific association to foster the dissemination of a broad and qualified culture of sustainability and increase awareness of the social and economic value of having sustainable infrastructures.



The Policreo method pursues in every phase of design and multi-professional application an ethical approach understood as profound technical and cultural reasoning fundamental to the development of awareness of the value of the design process, called upon to guarantee the highest quality of solutions, especially concerning the rational use of resources and environmental protection.