The range of activities carried out by POLICREO pursues the goal of Integrated Design characterized by interaction between various skills relating to the areas of infrastructure, architecture, civil and environmental engineering. The complex series of interventions and skills deployed by the company consists of four main project areas.

Integrated design

The Integrated Design method interprets the project as a complex synthesis between different experiences and disciplines, with the aim of providing efficient solutions while paying particular attention to sustainable development in social and environmental terms.


• check on planning and programmatic compatibility of the work compared to existing instruments;
• definition of the reference environmental framework with regard to environmental components modified by the project actions;
• assessment of predictable effects and definition of mitigation and environmental restoration standards.


According to the results of the above analysis, we develop the design phase, which is characterized by properly coordinated inter-disciplinary contributions, and the input of highly specialized expertise. The design activity focuses on the research and development of innovative solutions, promoting choices based on precise benchmarks:

• reduction in energy consumption and achievement of the best bioclimatic conditions indoors through application of the best available eco-friendly  technologies;

• definition of relevant technologies from an integrated design perspective, pursuing high performance standards;

• ensuring environmental and social sustainability for the project during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases.


Fully aware that Integrated Design cannot afford to end with the design process but must follow the authorization and implementation stages of a project until it is fully complete, specific expertise is also offered for the executive phase including:

• construction management;
• accounting;
• assistance on the construction site;
• inspections.

Ethical approach to design

At every stage, all of POLICREO's programmes pursue an ethical approach to design through deep reasoning over the value of a particular approach called upon to ensure that the solutions found are of the utmost quality, especially as regards the rational use of resources and protection of the environment.


In this integrated approach to design, the following objectives become fundamental tools:

• guaranteeing the highest standards of architectural, structural and functional quality;

• reducing consumption of environmental resources;

• minimizing pollution levels throughout the entire work cycle;

• strongly respecting natural, cultural and man-made environments.