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Metro Line M4 in Milan

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Policreo is a design company that has been operating since 1987 in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Environment pursuing the objective of integrated design

Policreo Method

The multidisciplinary methodology, adopted at each stage of the design activities, comprises several heterogeneous elements that combine in an interdependent and synergetic manner.

Case Study

Project Children’s Hospital “Pietro Barilla” of Parma
Project Children’s Hospital “Pietro Barilla” of Parma
Project Children’s Hospital “Pietro Barilla” of Parma
Project Children’s Hospital “Pietro Barilla” of Parma_Coverage of the acceptance plate
Project Children’s Hospital “Pietro Barilla” of Parma_equipped outdoor space

Children's Hospital "Pietro Barilla " in Parma

The ‘Pietro Barilla’ Children’s Hospital of Parma expresses an approach to paediatric care in which architecture itself contributes to the care of young patients and pursues the objective of safeguarding the total well-being of people based on the principle that ‘not everything about a sick child is sick’.

Recent Projects

New Piacenza Hospital

Year: 2022 - ongoing

Location: Piacenza

Engineering and architecture services relating to the design of the new hospital in Piacenza

New Piacenza Hospital

Ospitaletto production logistics centre

Year: 2021-ongoing

Location: Ospitaletto (BS)

Overall technical and economic feasibility and final and executive design of the new secondary school building and of the new canteen – auditorium complex.

Ospitaletto production logistics centre

Line M4 of the Milan Underground

Year: 2011 - 2022

Location: Milano

Executive functional architectural design of no. 7 stations: S Babila, Tricolore, Susa, Argonne, Forlanini F.S., Forlanini Quartiere and Linate. Executive structural design of 2 stations: FORLANINI FS and LINATE. Executive structural design of the surface works and design of signalling for the entire line.


Policreo meeting room
Policreo open space and consultation area
Policreo office and work area, people at the computer
Policreo meeting room

At our headquarters in Parma, interior architecture reflects and encourages our operational approach, which takes place in multidisciplinary working groups simultaneously called upon to compare ideas mutually. In this way, we can conduct integral design work.


Policreo at the Preliminary Conference regarding the Cispadana Motorway


Entrance to Policreo headquarters

Would you like to know more about what we do in our studio? Do you have a project to submit to us, or would you like tocome and work with us? You can find all our contacts here.