The M4 line of the Milan Metro extends from the San Cristoforo station to the Linate station and includes 21 new stations.

The whole scheme includes: 

- the functional, definitive and executive architectural design of 7 stations: San Babila, Tricolore, Susa, Argonne, Forlanini F.S., Forlanini Quartiere and Linate;

- the definitive and executive structural planning of the Forlanini FS and Linate stations and inter-line facilities for Forlanini 3 and 4;

- the architectural-functional design of the water park points and the water park facility itself;

- the definitive and executive architectural and structural design of surface structures relating to the whole M4 line (roofing of elevators and stairs, lift shafts, bike-sharing points, and service plant towers) as well as an integrated signage project.

The integrated design of the spaces for users was guided by environmental psychology criteria which determined architectural, plant and finishing solutions that would allow maximum comfort, high use of the spaces and a perception of surroundings that are safe, efficient, and of quality.

The layout of the underground stations was studied quite deliberately with a view to guaranteeing routes and connections that are intuitive, user-friendly and as direct as possible between ground floor, mezzanine and platforms, simplifying users' access to the trains. 


Particular attention was paid to defining the surface structures, to guarantee a design that is immediately recognizable and identifiable by users in the urban panorama, and that can interact and integrate with different contexts, at times also of notable historical value. Consequently, use has been made of roofing characterized by transparency and games of reflections offered by large glazed surfaces set at different angles and supported by metal brackets whose colour and material is dictated by the specific urban context.

The Linate station, given its strategic importance as an intermodal urban hub, features a large new underground plaza on the mezzanine floor, which accesses the surface via a light glazed roof screened by thin metal elements; the station is directly linked to the airport terminal via underground passageways and surface structures as well as an intermodal “kiss and ride” exchange point.

The Forlanini FS station too includes a major functional and architectural surface annex, implementing the underground structure with a specialized edifice that establishes a link with the railway bypass and a related stop; the structure houses activities of a commercial nature and is characterized by the transparency of its surfaces, shielded and divided by a system of metal sun screens positioned on staggered horizontal planes.


Project details

Consorzio MM4 (Impregilo - Astaldi) - Consorzio Metro Blu S.c.r.l.
2011 – In corso